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Moosehide rendezvous prayer Circle warmth of the human body of spiritual growth and development of renewal of souls. !

The Astral Traveller

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On a wild, weary winter night,

The sky being engulfed in a blanket;

Of darkness and disguise.

The dead of night being lit dimly by the moonlight,

Masking the sadistic deeds and occult rituals;

The parfornir of which, being lost themselves,

Accepting dominance to the fallen one.

I lay in my bed and try to rest my mind,

And maybe I will sleep peacefully this night.

But the howling of the wolves keeps me awake;

Like a sentinel.

My mind unknowingly elucidates the time;

Which the canonical hours cease to define,

Of the unheard place:

That still remains unknown to mankind.

This elusive state of my mind,

Is something that I cannot define.

The moment I close my eyes,

I feel my subconscious mind struggling;

And being strangled to death ferally.

My senses become numb and eyes being focused;

To see beyond the all-pervading darkness.

I soon realize, oblivion is…

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Daily Prompt: Reach

E.Vancouver B.C.Canada area of lower mainland E.Van. I say East Van. because I'm not one to gloss over , the reputation Of my hood ? Strathcona E.Van. is the Poorest postal code in Canada , also Insite the first legalized , medical safe house and staff to oversee Heroin use within it's Doors in North America , so we Reach out to everyone who is in need Regardless of the Addiction , sexual orientation of all creeds ands colours. !